June 4, 2011

The full zombie spectrum

June 3, 2011

I truly wish (have I whined about this before?) that I had some skin colour markers. My inventory includes:
-this creamy colour (displayed above), for when you want someone to look like a teacup
-some overly vibrant browns
-one greenish-gray colour, really great for a fresh zombie, and
-a collection of grays suitable for fully-established corpses.

In other news. Despite this headache-y cold, I got out today with Ada and hit six or seven garage sales. Oh my, did I save money! We needed a little table for her, some Lego, a swing, and new books. We got all that and a few other things (like plactic plates and outdoor food covers) for forty bucks. Looks like I'll be able to afford her birthday party after all.

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