April 27, 2011

Before realising her folly

Great Expectations, Chapter 44

`And what wind,' said Miss Havisham, `blows you here, Pip?' 

I am just loving this.

Dear Jennifer K, would you like me to develop one of the images into a final (and if so, any adjustments?), or would you rather see a black and white Miss-H-and-cake first?

More Miss Havisham:
Steering for North's Miss Havisham illustration
Miss Havisham dollhouse
Miss Havisham-inspired runway collections, on Dickensblog

1 comment:

  1. ooooh! I really enjoyed the links, particularly the first one -- great silhoette drawing!

    If it is not too much trouble, I would love to see a black and white version of Miss. H and her cake.

    I like the handling of the eyes and under-eye pouches of the latest drawing -- very forbidding! I find though, the disembodied head a bit unsatisfying, somehow. Maybe an indication of shoulders is needed? I liked the quote you started this post with, and would not be opposed to the use of text in the image if it adds to the overall drawing.

    Good stuff!