April 20, 2011

Miss Havisham and cake

This little mock-up is my second idea for Jennifer Kershaw. I want Miss Havisham's wedding cake to loom over her like a spectral burden. I doodled a couple of other images of the tragic bride holding the key to her own prison, but I couldn't get the right mood.

This one is in colour, which isn't in the brief, but I 'll do another in black and white. My main problem with this comes down to: would you want it on your chest? I'm thinking maybe, maybe not. We'll see what the client thinks.

Havisham Status: Two down, one to go!

1 comment:

  1. I like the handling on her face --particularly the eyes! The high neck of the dress is a nice touch, too. Not sure how I feel about the cake -- I like the concept: the wedding symbol representing her fiance's betrayal looming over her for the rest of her days, but it looks a little too friendly and squashy, especially compared to how upright and hard angled Miss Havisham is.

    This has been great! I love seeing how you flesh out the idea and I look forward to seeing further developments!