March 17, 2011

Where do you get the nerve?

I called OC Transpo. I want to show my pictures on the busses themselves. Like Poetry on the bus, remember that? I loved it. Maybe we could find other artists to do it, too, and have a huge suite of pictures and photos of commuters, drivers, the transitway at night. Plus, OC Transpo's advertising seems lower this year. Some busses are empty of ads altogether, so there's some space to work with.

I could work some pictures up into full-colour paintings and display them in OC Transpo kiosks. Maybe they even have a display area for OC Transpo history? Showing the pictures to drivers and other OC Transpo employees would blow me away. Or, maybe they're sick of looking at commuters?! I can see the OC Transpo rep handing me my pictures back with stains, Scotch tape pasted across the rips. "It's not you, Lia," all apologetic. "It's us. You'll find love with a different bus company. Really. Keep drawing!"  

I bet there's an art space out there that would get a kick out of showing them. Even (tiny thrill), Wall Space -- my favourite gallery ever.

Or maybe I am getting ahead of myself. Maybe my real self is a little grey shadow trailing along behind the part of me that charges ahead into professional artdom, taking the things I think about people and work and saying them out loud.

Do you remember when you were fresh out of school, full of ideas and purpose?
Me, too.

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