March 16, 2011


To each of you visiting this blog, which I feel so affectionate toward, thank you! I'm glad you like it.

Local Tourist Ottawa approached me to feature Bus Blog, and I devoted my ride home to thinking about their interview questions. But first I spent a half an hour waiting for the bus. A terrible fire raged all day in Vanier. I hope the folks who were put out of their homes have all found places to stay.

March 16, 2011

So I have one small drawing to offer today (I did have another, but one of her limbs didn't work out. Sorry about the hand, pal). I gussied it up with a stray orange marker from my bag, but it so wasn't good enough for this lady. She wore a deep purple jacket, mauve scarf, and carried a pink bag. Her skin was a light peach. If only I had had some more colours. But then, I only own garish markers, and her ensemble was really pleasing.

Is anyone else curious about the Voice behind the automated stop announcement system they've got on the busses now? He's so cheerful. "I made it to Slater and Kent!" Every stop is an accomplishment to him. I should take a lesson. Celebrate everything. It makes each step more fun. On the other hand, now if you sit under the speaker by the back door? The stop request chime is DEAFENING.

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