March 25, 2011

Pitch me, please. Pretty please?

I draw a lot, but I don't get to do a lot of illustration.* I want more practice, both on working with briefs and with clients. So here's my idea:

If you have a concept for a drawing, post a comment or e-mail me. Pretend you're writing an article, or producing a product. My challenge will be to transform the idea into visual form. You don't have to be a pro -- this is just for fun.

What I need in your brief:
-a description of the concept/article/product/whatever that the illustration is for
-art direction: what should be in the drawing? Are there specific narrative elements (e.g. woman walking a dog) that are musts in the illustration?
-any other direction, like mood or color, and reference materials (e.g. a photograph or other thing that suggests something about what you want in the illustration)
-Clue: you can leave this is open if you want, but clients get the most satisfying results when they provide a fleshed out idea of what they want.

When I'm done, I'll post it here along with your brief.

What I can't do:
-mimic somebody else's style
-return the illustration in a quick timeline.

* "Illustration is the interpretation of a problem that requires imagery to solve it. This imagery complements, explains, decorates or tells a story."
-Holly DeWolf, Breaking into Freelance Illustration

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