March 30, 2011

In which I skirt the edges of stalkerdom

March 28-29, 2011
After twenty minutes of missed opportunities ("why is that wierdo staring at me?" crossing the faces of at least six people on one ride) I noticed a beautiful, tired woman standing in everyone's way at the other end of my bendy bus.

To the drawing board!

Ten seconds in, she turned the other way, so I started again. Then someone buffeted her down the aisle into the articulated section.

I got a bit farther into that view of her, then she moved aside again, then up the steps, until she stood at the back of the bus, a foot away.  

A stop went by, and then plop, she sat down in front of me.

Reader, she had such lovely hair.

A strange moment yesterday, while riding along: two conversations, each between a young man and a young girl, where the girls' voices were near-identical. I couldn't hear every remark so the conversations juxtaposed.

"I think we just saw a bus almost collide with a car"
"it was really annoying"
"I can sleep anywhere really dirty, as long as there's no cockroaches"

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