March 3, 2011

A good drawing day

March 3, 2011

Today I drew a woman (the one on the right) in conversation with an elderly colleague. (I know they're colleagues because we all work in the same place -- I was on the work bus.) I wasn't paying much attention to the words, but I swiftly realised by her expressions and the way she leaned toward the other woman that a significant amount of pretty personal information was being passed along to her. The kind that makes someone feel sympathy for another person. And here I was, drawing away, for all intents and purposes a shameful eavesdropper. I managed not to listen in, while trying to catch a bit of the kindness in her face. She was a very good listener and left the tiny, old woman a bit more relaxed.

As for the women I drew with marker, I don't know a thing about her except that she was kind of fascinating-looking (her nose is what you'd call sculpted) and that she sat as still as a stalking cat for a solid fifteen minutes.

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