February 28, 2011

The Plan: Part 2

I had a big weekend when it comes to art, largely thanks to my kid's 3.5 hour nap yesterday! (I kind of woke her up at the end because I missed her, breaking my never wake a baby rule!) I downloaded a trial copy of Adobe Illustrator in preparation for an assignment to do a logo. I love the basic concept of vector illustration – how artwork can scale up in size without losing anything – but the building block approach irritates me. I feel like I'm waltzing with my drawing when I'd rather make love to it.

I also realized that I had completed my artwork plan!
Farewell, Plan 1
  • I did "lots of art, anything." And I had taken "any art job, even unpaid."
  • I had gone over all of my artwork and selected a portfolio, then updated my website. 
  • I researched publications that might be suitable for my work
  • I looked into art schools and their admission requirements -- and, even though it wasn't the plan, I met with one and got admitted with advanced standing!
  • I started drawing every day on the bus, launched this blog and founded a creative action group, NONE of which were part of the plan.
So, here's my new plan. I'm scared already!
  • Do art. Anything. Lots of it! Get my work out there.
  • Redo my website in html.
  • Keep up my blog. Get to know the Ottawa art scene, and become part of its online community.
  • Analyze how I can move into an art career: jobs, timing, feasibility with a second baby, feasibility of going back to school. Consult a financial planner.
  • Design and print promotional card(s).
  • Research more publications, online and print, to pitch my illustration to. Send out the cards to 10 art directors/creative editors.
  • Research agents. Send the cards to 10 agents.
  • Explore Ottawa or illustration societies. Join one.

Okay, world! I'm putting it out there. And, most importantly, taping it on my studio window. After all, it worked the first time.

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  1. i LOVE a plan!!
    so organised- i am so proud of you lia!