March 1, 2015

New Website -- and, under the influence of pop

Revamped. Renovated. Brand new website!

I read a neat thing about Katy Perry. I had heard of her, but I'm kinda out of the loop when it comes to pop stars these days. Anyway, while sitting next to James' crib waiting for him to fall asleep, I watched a few of her fantastic videos on mute. Female empowerment, yeah! The megalomania of Roar and Dark Horse is amusing and scary. Thoroughly enjoyable!

I read in some article or maybe Wikipedia that she was heavily influenced by two albums, one Beatles and one Beach Boys. She was quoted as saying that she listened to them almost exclusively for two years. Two albums mostly... for two years!

Imagine the freedom? It means, contrary to what I've believe, that I don't have to go to the gallery shows (I don't want to go to anyway) or know all the artists (the more art I look at, the more intimidated I get). It means I can pick a couple of things, follow them carefully, and not worry about it. Other art is generally not inspiring. I'm usually miserable after looking at it.

If only listening to two works was good enough for a global superstar, I think it can be good enough for one career mom toiling far from her churning soup of talent.

So yeah. I really like Mercer Mayer (of Critterville fame)'s East of the Sun and West of the Moon. I've talked about that before. (Just Google it, what do you need me for. Okay fine.) So I'll keep thinking about what I'm learning from him and apply that.

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