February 16, 2015

Bingo dobber

January 2015

My last post talked about an illustration for a story about a woman struggling to have a child. I wrote it long before I met my husband and had children of my own. Anxiety about bearing kids dogged me throughout my early adulthood. I knew I wanted kids, but I had several indicators of infertility - highly irregular menstrual cycle, cysts on my ovaries, thyroid problems, low iron - and, you know, no man until the eve of my thirties. 

As it happened, my fate took a wildly different turn than the one I feared (that's basically how it always works for me: overworry about Bad Thing A. Bad Thing B happens instead.). Conception was a trifle. 

Lest week I started the outline for Engineeress'  next illustration. Tonight I hope to get a first draft of it down. I hope I will have enough time this winter to try another illustration style or two for the book. I have my marker style, my painting style, and an ink and paint style. As an inexperienced artist, I come very slowly to deciding how best to portray something - everything from composition to media and style come slowly. 

I thought that starting with the central image of the story, and then working outward, would lead to a series of images that flowed well one to the next. I'm just thinking about simple things. For example, if one picture has a viewpoint from above, the next shouldn't. And so on.

Summer 2014, Highway 401 westbound

Here are a couple of doodles done in marker. I love using markers, and I think it would be fun to try a bingo dobber one of these days. Especially because of how much fun it is to go bingo dobber buh buh dub dub rubber ducky duh dobber.

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