November 9, 2014

From lily pads

Yeah okay, not a great photo.
Because I'm still not ready to paint the girl, purse and water painting, I decided to get going on it anyway. I figure the poor result will be my punishment for procrastinating for a year on collecting good reference photos, designing my pallette, and doing more practice sketches.

Also, yeah.

I shot a few frames of Ada on the porch with my purse today and I think that tomorrow night I'll use them to help me paint the girl into a landscape I finished a few weeks ago. I realised after painting it that the composition was empty, the painting uninteresting, and the whole thing needed a radical do-over. Blair Paul, my teacher, gave me some ideas for sprucing it up...

...but after three weeks on it, I just wanted to put it aside.

Maybe he'll advise me against it tomorrow. I'll bring an extra canvas in case.

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