October 7, 2014

We keep going

Over the Rideau River

I painted these two paintings earlier this summer. They look the products of two different artists, neither being me! I painted Hog's Back at a later time and, like all my previous paintings, I had to paint these to get to it.

My husband's father passed this week after 8 years of severe illness. The Celebration of his Life is Friday. We'll reflect on what was and try not to imagine what might have been. My father-in-law was a special man, and he deserved better.

In the same week, my own father rejected the latest of my olive branches. Not only will there be no reconciliation, there will be no speaking terms to smooth things over for others. After two and a half years, I know it's over for us.

Funny how things set down at the same time. My husband and I have received surprise promotions and raises on the same day three separate times. There have been other coincidences, and here we are again. Two fathers, finally gone.

Gatineau Park

I've been listening to Allison Kraus' Down in the River to Pray over and over during the drive to and from Ada's school lately. It's her favourite song. She wants it on repeat. Afternoons the drive is long, the sun is in my eyes. The long grasses by the river shine green and the water is a curl of silver. Each giant tree seems a more majestic monument than anything downtown. Sometimes we see the black swan and her two white friends where the river turns near Bank Street. The cars are slow, the red lights are unyielding. We keep going until we get home.


  1. I'm so sorry for your losses.
    Your work is wonderful.
    I met my birth mother and it didn't go well. She wanted me to call her mother, or something. She ended contact.
    Carry on! You are a beautiful person!

  2. Oh Jenn you're still reading me! Thank you so much. I was really struck when I got your message, which came at a needful moment. Thanks.