October 9, 2012

Maybe I do have my own style, dammit

Jason, October 4, 2012

Showed Jeff my latest life drawing picture, above, and he said it reminded him of the picture I put on my biz cards back when I was planning on giving up my diplomatic career and taking a shot at illustrating for a living. (See, my feeling is that you can have dreams+1 kid or you can have 2 kids. Other options are: wealthy spouses or lucrative dreams. But the director of the art school told me, there are winners and losers in this society, and artists are among the losers.

So. I took the tacit advice and kept my job. Luckily, I love my job nowadays. Further, this blog provides me with the compromise between my passion and my career that I desperately need. Now you know everything I know and I will end this self-indulgent ramble here.)

I made the picture that Jeff was talking about as the cover of a comic book I wrote.

Hall Door II, 2005

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