October 7, 2012

Bite me, it's a breakthrough!

September 30, 2012

The last 2 weeks of Bus Blog fell to teething. I won't say any more about that.

After three years of trying on and off to draw the kids, I might be getting somewhere. Normally when I draw, I can sometimes see the drawing on the page before I draw. My guess is that my brain has a map of faces that is places on the page for me to trace. This happened for the first time just the other day, and again a few days later while I was drawing Ada at Big Rig Restaurant (a new brew pub in West Ottawa; it's great for folks of all shapes, ages, and loudnesses). This doesn't look much like her and it's obviously just a quick sketch, but it does look more like a child. I find them devilishly tough to draw, personally.

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