September 15, 2012

Blue chips and a rosebud

September 14, 2012

James was adamant about learning to sit yesterday and I drew his portrait while he did crunches on my lap. It's a sweet enough picture but with Anatomy class starting next Thursday all I see are the flaws! The nose sitting too low, the right eye oriented too far to the left...

School is hard on my artistic practice. Learning rules turns me into a merciless critic of my work. This over-sensitivity is largely what led me to abandon some early dreams of doing something artistic professionally. I ended up doing diplomacy quite by accident and I think I like it partly because it has nothing to do with my youthful experiences at the hands of harried teachers. A fresh slate.

All this to say that I am looking forward to learning anatomy, but am ambivalent about going to school. Hopefully the other students will be nice folk.

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