August 1, 2012

Perspectives on brains

July 31 - August 1, 2012

Still reeling from everything I'm learning from that brain book. I decided to design myself a brain rewiring program for the terror of cars I developed following a head-on collision in 2008. Say, walking and eventually running alongside busy roads 2-3 times a week while listening to great music. That way, I could start to associate cars and roads with feeling contented (by the music) and energised (by walking).

I might as well try it, right? I normally have to drive, be driven, or take the bus daily. And already drawing on the bus is my tool to relax when I am afraid, you know, when drivers go 80 kmh on the Transitway in the dark or faster on the freeway. Maybe I can go a step further, not just calm myself or make the traffic experience neutral, but actually start to enjoy it again. I come from a family of driving lovers and I was one myself, once upon a time. I even have a long-disused motorcycle license.

Only thing is, I keep avoiding the walks because I dread them!

* * *

Above, James' exceptionally lovely skull and some attempts at mapping Ada's cheeks (where's the bulge?!). I hope they're forming high-quality neural pathways in those little heads of theirs.

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