August 24, 2012

Drawing gifts

Back from vacation in the Adirondacks. With all the stress of childcare (while freely admitting how many blissful moments there are, and my total lack of regrets) I had forgotten what it was like to be simply happy for days on end. It is a wonderful place to visit, whether for a solo/group athletic adventure, couples retreat, or family holiday. LOVED the KOA on Whiteface Mountain.

Since I can't get out to browse the shops, I dream up presents and draw them. Here are my gifts to my beloved husband and sister. Detailing for Angela's Mazda 3, which has faithfully carried her our way so many times since James was born (thank you thank you thank you).

...and a plane ride over the mountains for Jeff.

He invited me to join him on the ride. It was scary and beautiful, just like you'd expect! The picture didn't work out as well as I'd hoped it would, so I did up a fancy envelope, too.

August 1, 2012

Perspectives on brains

July 31 - August 1, 2012

Still reeling from everything I'm learning from that brain book. I decided to design myself a brain rewiring program for the terror of cars I developed following a head-on collision in 2008. Say, walking and eventually running alongside busy roads 2-3 times a week while listening to great music. That way, I could start to associate cars and roads with feeling contented (by the music) and energised (by walking).

I might as well try it, right? I normally have to drive, be driven, or take the bus daily. And already drawing on the bus is my tool to relax when I am afraid, you know, when drivers go 80 kmh on the Transitway in the dark or faster on the freeway. Maybe I can go a step further, not just calm myself or make the traffic experience neutral, but actually start to enjoy it again. I come from a family of driving lovers and I was one myself, once upon a time. I even have a long-disused motorcycle license.

Only thing is, I keep avoiding the walks because I dread them!

* * *

Above, James' exceptionally lovely skull and some attempts at mapping Ada's cheeks (where's the bulge?!). I hope they're forming high-quality neural pathways in those little heads of theirs.