July 25, 2012

Where's this bus going?

June 6-July 23, 2012

I laid down the final penstrokes on this picture of James' debut bus riding the other night. (Look at the little rug rat sleeping away, just a boy on the bus, playin' cool. <tsk>.) I sidestepped my usual attempts at colour coordination, played with the lines a bit... I've blogged before about feeling I need to take more risks in my drawing. But I also think I need to consolidate my style some more. Don't these two things go in different directions?

I could use an art mentor. I find I'm not so hot at managing my art practice. People like to talk about intuition and following-your-heart. Well, if I had a little voice inside me telling me what to do, I'd have tuned in long ago. Or maybe I am listening, I just have to solve my paradox: exploring my limits and finding my style. Am I the only person out there with this conundrum, I wonder.

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