March 21, 2012

Phooey for fluey

Sorry about this lengthy hiatus. Everyone in my family has had stomach flu, where each person has started their period of sickness the day the last person finished theirs. I am on Day Four of mine. Not only has there been no drawing, there has been no anything! I'll be blogging again next week once my maternity leave starts. Our baby is due mid-April, so I expect I'll be drawing a lot of tiny noses and ears in the weeks to come. Hope everyone is well in your home.


March 8, 2012


March 7-8, 2012

I spent all my spare time this last little while studying for an exam that I finally wrote yesterday, and I'm quite thankful that it is over. If I pass, I have a good chance at a promotion, so my hopes are up, WAY up. There wasn't much drawing happening between the studying and the ever-increasing fatigue of pregnancy. Only one month to go until this little boy's expected entrance into the world.

Let's call this collection of doodles, "Optics."