February 10, 2012

Anticipating butter

February 7-10, 2012

This woman sat across from me as the bus tip-toed along Scott Street in the aftermath of Wednesday's bus crash. Yes, you can baldly draw someone's portrait from three feet away if they're reading from their mobile device. I love smartphones <grin>

I will now go and eat my pregnant-lady bedtime snack. Tonight's happens to be an almond chocolate croissant from The French Baker on Murray Street. I plan to spend the next several minutes being quite content. Hope you are having a good night. TGIF.


  1. Glad to see you are still on form. Must be the choc croissants :-)

  2. Thanks, gorgeous :) Turned out there wasn't any chocolate in it. I was upset, until the almond paste won me over.

  3. This is a splendid portrait. The bold and unusual colours are set off by the parts of the face left white. After struggling for several weeks at portrait painting sessions, I am a lot more aware of the difficulties involved and really like this. See you soon, love,mom