January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Trans-Canada Highway, December 24-January 2, 2012
The holidays came and sadly went, with much sitting in an armchair for long moments spent examining something that didn't move, specifically, a croton plant. Any of you taking art classed or fooling around with art stuff in the comforts of your own studios, you are lucky. You are in charge of what you are looking at, and the only motions are your own!

I can't show you the plant picture, though. I haven't finished it yet because of the agonising amount of colour layering I've been doing -- the only techniques I know come from painting, so I waste a lot of time fixing mistakes -- and now I'm working on it from photographs.

So you instead have this garden variety bus blog picture. Look, a road! And blurry trees! Drawn from inside a moving vehicle! I'm only funning. I love this stuff.

Happy 2012. Best wishes to everybody for a great year of creative pursuit.

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  1. I love the light and the sense of movement.