December 22, 2011

Lights illuminate nothing

December 19-21, 2011
Pregnancy hormones have kept me awake lately and work is very busy. I've gotten a bit anxious, and nightmares wake me most nights. In Tuesday's dream, MacGyver pursued me through Toronto back alleys, punching and hitting me from behind as I scrambled over chain-link fences. Funny - check. Woken with heart racing - also check.

I would love a few sunny days! This picture shows the nightscape of my way home. It would be awesome if I had some kind of glaze to bring out the wet sheen on the rocks and road. The Transitway at night is atmospheric and lonely – the buses plunging through darkness, lights illuminating nothing.

Bring on the snow, the bright white blanket! Happily, patches of snow forecasted for Christmas.

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  1. Let's hope snow comes... I share your dread of the winter dark.... May the holidays are full of light and love for you, Lia. I hope the nightmares go.. Gee, that MacGyver should be friendlier! I didn't think he was one of the evil dudes! :P Hugs!