August 23, 2011

Yellow ochre people

This mediocre drawing is me limping back to bus blogging still feeling really sleepy after my holiday. Also, I'm so annoyed by how popular it is to say Ottawa is "mediocre" that I'm just going to claim it. (Somebody published a big article about it this week. I'm not going to link it.)

I think Ottawa rocks. What kind of city would this be anyway if it was just trying to be Toronto and Montreal? No, we're not the cultural or architectural hub for thousands of miles around like Winnipeg or whatever. We gotta be our OWN town. This is a superlative place to live, work, play, raise family, and connect with nature. How come those criteria aren't in the "world-class city" context?

So fine. Yeah! My art is mediocre! I guess this blog belongs here, like me.  


  1. Since the 1st time I visited, I thought Ottawa was a great place to live.
    Downtown is so charming, many neighborhoods are surrounded by clean air and green, and with half an hour drive you can see the most breathtaking nature.
    I'm really jealous of you Ottawians sometimes.
    If it was not that cold and mostly important not that far from my family and friends, I would totally move there.
    Ciao Lia!

  2. Neither you or Ottawa are mediocre! :) Our city and its people are beautiful, intriguing, kind, enterprising, hopeful. You portray a lot of that with your blog. Keep it up!