August 8, 2011

Put that shirt back

August 4-8, 2011

A mom looking down at her son in his stroller. A very open expression isn't something I normally have the chance to draw on my commutes.

She's wearing someone else's shirt, which suffers a bit from bus bumpiness variation. Hatch marks can be challenging for mobile drawings. Can you guess where I was standing at a bus stop and where I was lurching back and forth (um, on a bus) along Queen Street?

I learned in a roundabout way that the CBC replayed my Ottawa Morning interview today. I didn't get to hear how it was introduced -- anybody know why they put it on for a second time?

August 8, 2011

Some marker doodling I do sometimes just to loosen up. She gave up her priority seat and sat down beside me. Had to cover my drawing with my hand. Awkward.

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