July 28, 2011

Hope-dashing busses

Finished July 28, 2011

There are at least three different kinds of non-bendy lowrider buses out there. I know because of how many times this week I thought I was on the right bus for finishing this picture, only to have my hopes Cruelly Dashed. This is the second of three bus interiors I'm working on. The third is almost done. If fortune smiles upon me, I'll get the right seat on that bussaroonie tomorrow.

Have thee my fellow Ottawans checked your route yet? I'm going to be lucky in the September set of route changes. Hope you will be, too.

I've found commuting awkward lately. More stand-up drawing! Maybe there are less buses on in the summer, but, shouldn't there be fewer commuters, too? Alternatively, I have been leaving five minutes later. Amazing difference for such a minor deviation.

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