July 26, 2011

A hairy ride

July 26, 2011

I was studying drawing hair today. This afternoon's drawings brought with them the unwelcome realisation that all my hair looks the same! Bit of a letdown, really.

I've two more half-finished bus interiors now. Hoping I can finish them soon and share them here. I have so many incomplete assignments in the art segment of my life! But, I won't dwell on it. Quite frankly, this situation improves upon those years where I couldn't get anything started at all, so I'll take it, no moaning and groaning.

Glen Gower at OttawaStart blogged about photographer Ryan Emond's amazing timelapse video of Ottawa -- I have to pass this on to you because of that warm, slightly vulnerable feeling you get when someone does art about places you like, vantage points you just assumed you were alone in enjoying, until they showed up in someone's work and you learned your feelings were shared.

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