July 18, 2011

And for my next piece, I'll be playing Strauss

July 3, 2011
 The table at which Hitler signed the Munich agreement. This table now
lives, shoved off the the side, in a dusty, ill-lit hallway. Once an
old National Socialist (Nazi) building, it was eventually adopted as a
music school -- our tour guide said, what else could you do with it?
-- and flyers for recitals are neatly stacked on it. Maybe the kids
lean against it while they wait for their exams. The little square
used to have a gold plaque upon it, which was where the agreement was
physically signed on the table.

And this is a Lufthansa stewardess. They didn't start the movie for
FOUR HOURS, so I also have sketches of the airplane bulkhead. I'll spare you.

July 9, 2011

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