June 19, 2011

Cell phone, and poem

June 14, 2011

 As you might imagine, after my week-long absence, I have many images to post! Unfortunately, demon scanner is acting up, so I could only nab this one in the ten-minute window I stole yesterday. We celebrated my kid's birthday and my mum's this weekend -- it was awesome! I love Three Tarts Bakery on Wellington! No website to link to, but if you physically go there, you could, like me, purchase the chocolate pecan tart. Lord.


Here is a poem about letting go.

By the arcs of white blossoms,
I lay down. Mosquitos find me. I
smell extra good today.
The grass tickles.
The cars pass. The clouds pass.
The sky is blue.
Birds sing.

By the chamomile bush and the rhubarb,
I dig a hole in the ground.
I wish I'd known
the neighbour was hanging her laundry.
The little bundle seeps
through the cloth, it fits in my hand,
like the skull
of a newborn child.

It is so hard
to place it there.
is natural in this: the mother, the baby,
the brief life and
the end.

I will try again,
maybe next month. I am so
powerful; it's almost silly.
Mother, grave-digger, chief
mourner. Goodbye! Goodbye! God, I am
full only of grief.


  1. Lia,

    You are writing some vividly beautiful poems. Keep it up! :)


  2. Or you could say they are beautifully vivid! They move me.