May 3, 2011

Yellow bars, leaning buildings, and the neck-biter

April 27, 2011
Riding home my eyes played tricks on me. The yellow bars in the bus seemed to stand out unnaturally. Sometimes when it rains near sundown, the light picks up yellows like that. It was only 4:30 or 5, though. Another time, I was standing at the bus stop, and all the buildings looked like there were leaning away from the vertical. My optometrist recently reduced my prescription, so maybe he took away too much of the astigmatism? Maybe I'm still adjusting.

I am drawing in a very little book now, just 4 x 6. The last one, my beloved Moleskine book that was too expensive to replace, was a good 6 inches by 8. None of my current drawings have been any good as I am yet to grow comfortable with the new format and paper.

By the way, do you guys have any idea why my cat all of a sudden stands up, waddles over to the other cat, and bites him ferociously in the neck? Poor Socky.

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  1. Wow, trippy stuff.

    Get thyself a better, bigger sketchpad -- splurge; you deserve moleskin, baby!

    And sorry, I have no idea about kitty cats, whatsoever.