May 19, 2011

On slender stalks they bobble

The tulips perked up on the Hill yesterday – a new Cabinet! My department's freshly-appointed Minister seemed to drive straight from the swearing-in ceremony to his new office, sitting down to lunch in the cafeteria but an hour later. And on Rideau, oddly speeding up the bus traffic on either side, Boart Longyear begin drilling for bedrock in preparation for our new public-transit-by-rail system.

May 19 2011

This fellow, a rare find, me never attempting camouflage before. Even from the back, an interesting - if slightly tedious! - undertaking.

May 16 2011

And a final, wee image and accompanying poem: one of bus travel's many secret sleeping lovelies.

Passes and tickets witnessed
the soft faces of fatigue
settle as drooped flowers do
after a time in their jars.
Trusting, finally will-less,
on slender stalks they bobble,
sleeping the long way home.


  1. love the camouflage. well worth the effort!

  2. Ditto what Lydia said! That must have taken a lot of patience

  3. Excellent to embrace life's challenges. My baby girl just went back to work after a year-long mat leave. Amazing how quickly life passes by!