May 23, 2011

Now with more 94

May 19-20, 2011
Finally, a scene! I started this half-sized book a month ago, and I'm finally comfortable enough to draw in it. I was thinking about Jenn Jilks when I drew this -- haven't forgotten about my challenge to draw a driver, bus and something in front of the bus. I thought this view, with a city scene or the parkway beyond the window might work...

Footnote: Don't know when they added the 94 Millenium/Woodroffe extension down my way, but it is REALLY WORKING FOR ME. Thanks, OC.

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  1. I love it! Bless you! I rode the bus from Nepean into uOttawa in the early 80s. My then-hubby dropped my daughter off at day care.

    I love watching the people on the bus. Loved talking to the driver and passengers.

    Loved all those field trips with students in 25 years of teaching!!!