May 15, 2011

Check the dress code next time

May 12, 2011
Last night, Cornerstone Housing for Women held Celebrate Her, a fundraiser at Cube Gallery. I went so I could hang out with Results Junkie and because I like women-y stuff. I missed the "Black Tie" part of the invitation and showed up in jeans. Cringe.

I loved Toronto-singer Katey Morley's voice and plummy piano. I mean, I hardly get to see live stuff anymore, so my bar is set pretty low, but I thought she was terrific. (Why didn't I bring my drawing book??) I really enjoyed everything actually -- the spoken word, paintings (duh), yummy food.

Sadly, no one bid on the big ticket auction items. Since I had trouble with the $50 ticket price in the first place (anything that gets between my wallet and my kid's RESP is a no-no), I was hardly in shape to drop 500 bucks on a painting, no matter how much I like art, but I felt sad that I wouldn't help more.

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