April 23, 2011

What's that, Ada? What sound does it make? Does it go "ba-a-a"?

April 19, 2011

Jeff is checking out the new hatchback Ferrari FF. My parents and Ada must be mostly through their tour of the Animal Barns this morning. Soon I'll put out luncheon meats, vegetables, bread and soup for lunch.

I profited from Ada's absence by rearranging the bathroom closet so that she has less opportunity to drug or impale herself. We've got a large bag of expired medicines for the pharmacy, several pairs of prescription glasses for the needy, and a sack of barely-used body washes of yesteryear for the blue box.

I am allergic to almost everything, so if I can't manage to re-gift my fashionable moisturizers, they languish under dust. I received a fantastic creme brulee-scented body wash once that I did manage to use many times before committing it to a lengthy retirement.

Having the chance to sort out nagging worries like childproofing is very restful. Next up: roofing research. Know anybody good?

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