March 24, 2011

Talked off the ledge

March 24, 2011
Hope your ride improved or was unaffected by today's transit plan proposal?

This drawing tried really hard to junk itself. There's so much wrong with it. I hit Ottawa's least-suspended rides, four buses in a row, which messed with everything. (My money's on the old blue seat buses -- not the new ones with the curvy backs -- for Worst Rattle Experience.) One lady's face was totally destroyed (Photoshop solution employed).

Then, I misjudged the angle of the iPhone readers head. She's clearly not looking at it. Turns out I wasn't wrong - she spent most of her time lost in thought. She was on a news site, but I couldn't see the story. But it doesn't look right, does it.

I drew the opposite passengers later and guessed where to put them, so of course they're too close together, too far down and too little.

I didn't finish Curly Hair in time, and I can't draw feet without a model, so... he doesn't have any. 

So, yeah, it was going to join my large trash pile. But then I got fond of it and tried to fake out some of the faults. So now you know the truth behind one of my new favorites, wonky as it is.


  1. Wonkiness is good! If they were all perfect and accurate, you would have to call it photos from the bus, and that's not interesting at all :)

  2. Thanks, guys. I love your work, too!
    I'm at that point where my own style is (FINALLY!) emerging, and it's not what I'd expected, so I both like and have to come to terms with its good points and bad points.
    Does that make sense? <...Wishes she'd gone to art college...> Did you guys go through that?

  3. Makes total sense to me. The hardest part was learning to embrace my own style and trying not to compare it too much with others' as to what's good & what's bad. Trust me, art college did not help in that area!