March 31, 2011

Maybe if I give Socks a good petting I'll feel better

March 30-31, 2011
I did not enjoy this drawing. That's not normal for me. The set-up was perfect: two people asleep. So I started with the woman on the left.

As I idly went along, skritching away in my notebook, I noticed that her expression was changing. Frown lines were appearing between her eyes.

Was she awake, and pissed off? She was wearing dark glasses -- maybe she was looking at me under her lashes.

But no. Definitely asleep. So I went on but I really didn't feel right. Looked around for another subject. Returned half-heartedly. A few more stops and her chin was frowning now, acting like a ledge for her mouth, pushing the whole thing up with frowny lines down the side.

At first I just figured she was brooding over something, but finally I figured she must be awake, maybe looking at me here and there through slitted eyes, maybe when I was doing her collar or whatever. Who knows. Anyway, crappy.

I was duly punished, though. The story A Sketchy Ride didn't go in the print edition of Ottawa This Week. Ah well. You win some, you lose some.

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  1. They can hardly make room with the political shenanigans!

    Cheer up! Stuff will happen! Maybe she was having a nightmare?!