February 6, 2011

Vicarious art appreciation: Go to this show, Toronto, and then report back, please!

Scott Caple = neat art. Check out this gallery of Incredibles layouts. And then, on the clean opposite end of the spectrum, these knights!

"OK, it's my turn. I am having a SHOW in Downtown Toronto , at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop, 486 College St. / Friday Feb. 25 / 7-11. It 's going to be a show of layout and design work from past projects I've worked on -Incredibles, Hunchback, the Bluth movies, maybe even some Nelvana stuff - plus some personal work. Some will be original , some won't. But there WILL be refreshments and good conversation. And signed prints for sale! "

Stolen from Scott's Facebook page via a mutual Facebook friend and artisan blacksmith, Darrell Markewitz.

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