February 14, 2011

There's no negotiating with public transit

February 11, 2011
I commuted for over an hour and a half from my home to reach a training facility today. Man! I stood for 48 minutes at Terrasses de la Chaudiere in Gatineau waiting for a bus. FORTY-EIGHT MINUTES! I could have been on a bus DRAWING!! Alas, I spent these precious moments wincing as people slipped along the icy sidewalk. One woman did fall, but rose back up, undeterred, and continued running on her way. I like that kind of spirit, even if it isn't sensible!

Anyway, I'm in a bilateral negotiation workshop, and it's hugely thrilling. However, getting back to the thing you're here for: there was little drawing today. Despite all the commuting, I didn't get a lot o' sit-down time. So here is one from last week.

It reminds me of obsolete world somehow. Isn't Jeannie Paske's imagination delicious?

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