February 16, 2011

Art vacation

I finished my Bilateral Negotiations course yesterday and I'm now on holiday until Tuesday. Hoping to work on my art Thursday and Friday. I spent today clothes shopping with a friend, planning some decorations for my daughter's room, and hanging out at daycare with her. I didn't take a single bus. In fact, I drove Ada to and from daycare in a CAR in which we were the only occupants! With the radio on!

I am glad to get away from busses for a few days. The bus drawing prevents me from feeling like a sheep/drone (I wish I had some way of similarly defending my psyche at Loblaws. I always get out of there wild-eyed and furious convinced that I'm the worst kind of Grade seven lo-ooo-ser. What a way to spend your Friday nights.), but even so, stepping off the commuting conveyor belt is a welcome relief.

1 comment:

  1. funny, your mother considered the grocery store her happy place...