January 11, 2011

Where I can now be found on my breaks

by Summer Pierre
Some of the best tips in Summer Pierre's book The Artist in the Office relate to finding ways to make your day job inspire or support your art. Since reading them, I've noticed I'm better at finding creative ways to meld the two without hurting my day job.

I have a scanner at home, but by the time my workday and chores are done, it's surprisingly hard to drag myself and my laptop to the back of the house where the scanner lives. Part of that might have something to do with the fact that I usually have to scan something two or three times to get my clunky scanner to work properly… Well, I discovered that there's a resource centre -- with scanners! -- here at work. I checked it out this morning. It only took a couple of minutes, way less than the 15 minute break I usually take twice a day, to scan in this morning's bus drawing.

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