January 13, 2011

Oh my gad they've also got Photoshop

The staff at the resource centre have started looking at me quizzically. But I figure after a few more visits they'll be so used to me parachuting in for 5 minutes that I'll become just part of the scenery...

That makes me think of a cool name for a blog: the "Diveblogger," as in Divebomber. Hmm, let's look it up. Aha! There IS a diveblogger. "Investment professional by day, dive blogger by night." He loves to dive wrecks -- which is so odd since I am currently reading this -- and it's a beautiful blog. Undersea pictures enthrall me. Sadly, not updated since 2008. 
January 13, 2011
Spent twenty-five delicious minutes on this sleepy devil. We got off at the same stop. Contemplated fabricating a reason to talk to him so I could see his face from another angle. Resisted temptation.

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  1. Yikes I drew this guy on my first bus of the day, the one I pick up near home. It's a major commuter bus, like a subway. Picks up everybody.

    The next day, I saw him on my work bus -- that's a milk run bus entirely occupied by my workmates. I think we must work in the same building.