January 18, 2011

I guess it'd be hypocritical to fault her for staring

People often watch me draw, and I like it. The solitary artist thing is a bit of a drag, really. But yesterday one lady distracted me quite a lot rubber-necking between me and the woman I was drawing.

Was she:
  1. Trying to see if I was going to get caught (or is that just my paranoia talking?)
  2. Comparing my picture with the object of my efforts?
  3. Wondering if I was a spy? 
That last one's there just for fun. I don't really want people to think I'm a spy. I might have to defend myself physically or something one day. That wouldn't work out so well for me.


A bit tense in the ole resource centre this morning... It is slightly obvious that I'm not doing anything work-y. They couldn't care less as long as there's no line-up for the computers and such. But it was busy in there today. I brazened through the scan, then fled before I finished cleaning up the scan in Photoshop.

So here it is! Rough! and! ready! 

January 13-17, 2011
Confession: I made up the guy on the top left, based on a lady with hot pink hair and the greatest kisser you ever saw.

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