April 6, 2010

Red bonsai woodcuts

My wish is to create a body of artwork that will give me some satisfaction and sense of accomplishment at the end of my years. The next piece of that puzzle arrived on my art desk a few days ago: my friend Akiko asked me to design her wedding invitations. She is a violinist marrying a teacher and violist. She's mulling over images and colours like red, bonsai, and Japanese woodcuts. Her wedding is coming up quickly so I gave her a week to nail down her ideas. I'm itching to get started. I am hoping she will choose something floral as that will fit in with my current artistic inclinations.

I'm a people artist at heart, but the last couple of years I've been concentrating on nature, as in this piece.

It took ages (2 years) between the head-on collision, house purchase, pregnancy and baby. Hoping I am back to a reasonable production rate. Also hoping more friends will ask for my help for their projects.

Wrote this sorry little poem the other day as I was feeling like a failure (my chief fault).

The spider on this orchid
kills a mealy bug
-- there is no meaning.